MTZ Plumbing, Inc

22 Dec 2020

⁣Backflow prevention is essential for commercial and multi-family dwellings. If you’re searching for a full-service plumber that offers residential and commercial plumbing solutions look no further than MTZ Plumbing, Inc. Operating out of San Jose, CA, we are proud to have a wide range of services to help customers improve and maintain their plumbing systems. For those that have swimming pools, well systems, irrigation systems, etc., backflow prevention is critical. Are you wondering if backflow prevention is something your property needs? We can help. We do offer certified backflow testing. Make sure you have the best plumbing company for your needs when you select us and our licensed and insured plumbers. To learn more about us and our services, visit us online at

MTZ Plumbing, Inc.

1458 Hurlingham Way, San Jose, CA 95127


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HoweasyyTV 11 months ago

Great company

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