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09 Jun 2020 - Customizable online workouts

This legs and glutes workout is a vigorous total-body cardio workout focusing on legs and glutes. It also works all core muscles and is great for toning abs. Can be combined with other cardio workouts on!

Try and discover a new way to workout online!

DoTheMod is a customizable fitness video system. Modular tools let you build your own workouts quickly and easily, or you may choose any of our top rated workout routines with a single click. Try The-Great-Jeans-Workout or Summer-Body-Year-Round for great total-body cardio, or Healthy-Beginning and All-body-SlowSculpt for low-impact toning and sculpting.

Crank up the volume and hit Play. Your workout will stream right to your screen (or to your TV if your is computer set up to do so). Enjoy the original music and video design, and get an awesome workout! The energizing total-body workouts, designed by an internationally-known group fitness coach, will challenge your body and mind.

Workout at home (with no equipment)!
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Workout to get ripped!
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Workout to get ready for a wedding!
Hec, workout to get ready for a party!


Whatever your goal, whatever your schedule, your DoTheMod custom workouts are always with you - anywhere, any time, rain or shine --helping you maintain a healthy and consistent fitness routine.

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